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  • Engage

    Since 1929, Christie has been making technology for the entertainment industry. It’s our passion. It’s part of our DNA.

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  • Experience

    A preferred partner to Universal Studios, we have contributed to countless technology innovations for entertainment – from screening the first 120 frames per second HFR laser projection to bringing to market cutting edge tools like Christie Pandoras Box and Christie Mystique. From installing the first RGB pure laser projection system for domes and planetariums to building out a global team of service professionals to keep our customer’s systems running 24/7.

  • Entertain

    What this means for our partners: we have the experience and know-how to help turn creative concepts into experiences that enthrall audiences around the world. We understand how to create unique architectural elements while maintaining serviceability and to understanding scope and what is technically possible within our customer’s business goals and objectives.

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